Brand Identity

Agency: Mission
Design: Gøril Torske, Geir Solem Lysbakken, Sigrid Pfanzelter & Kine Nordgård Ugelstad.

Text: Dag Evjenth.
Foto: Veslemøy Vråskar & Mathias Fossum

Superior supplier of food

Challenge: Køltzow has been supplying top quality seafood, meat and game, to professional kitchens for almost 100 years. Recently they joined BAMA Kitchen Services and consequently needed to upgrade their identity to equal BAMA’s, whilst retaining their own personality.

Solution: Quality is a key word for Køltzow produce, so main approach was to focus on the ‘origin’ of the products the revered fjords and mountains of Norway known for its natural fertility and freshness. This was encapsulated in a monogram and imagery that carefully complimented the BAMA identity.

Results: The work for BAMA has been a great success, so it was imperative to build on that with an equally strong brand for Køltzow. Now the two brands can stand shoulder to shoulder at trade fairs completing an all-round offer of quality produce for professional chefs.