Grans Bohemian Lager


Agency: Frank.
Design, illustration: Geir Solem Lysbakken
Photo: Geir Solem Lysbakken & Cristian Georgescu (Unsplash)


A Czech or Bohemian-style Pilsener has a spicy hop character and a nice, rich, complex maltiness made by Saaz hoops. Pilsner is a type of pale lager. It takes its name from the city of Pilsen, a city in Bohemia in the then-Austrian Empire, where it was first produced in 1842

A Special Beer from «the boys in the attic»

Grans bryggeri is a third generation brewery located in Sandefjord Norway. Today it is driven by three brothers and was started by their grandfather in 1899. The brewery is known for being a «price rebel», by the history of marketing & monopoly situation fighting for survival against larger and more powerful breweries in Norway.

This special lager is made by a concept of «the boys in the attic» (brewery workers) that has been allowed to to develop their own brew. The engagement among the employees has been so positive that the owners has made «the boys in the attic» as a in house brand for making a series of special beers.

This Bohemian Lager is the first beer in this series. The design concept of the series is a «no series» solution  making all the beers totally individual focusing on the name and taste. This design is a play with name «Bohemian» from a 60-70´s music movement style. The artwork is hand-drawn for making that «lose» expression with a focus on great flavour.