Up & Away

Product Design & Identity

Self Promotion Concept: Product Design, Brand Identity, Strategy
Design: Geir Solem lysbakken & David McInnes


Thanks to Hugo Industridesign for help and support

Celebration of an icon

The Supermarine Spitfire was recently voted one of Britain’s three favourite homegrown design icons of the 20th century. Instantly recognisable. Stirs the emotions and memories of a nation and a world fighting for a better world. A technical marvel, this is not just a pretty face.

The consept was to make a coat hook with clear design qualities and a sense of humour. Stylish, Fun, Practical, Aesthetic, Evocative, and Simple.  The hook is perfect for lining up on the wall (as you do with hooks) which then also offers the possibility for formations. Classic Air Force formations, dog fights or anything you fancy.

Many Nations flew Spitfires during the war. Norway was one of them. Rolf Arne Berg was probably the best Norwegian fighter pilot during world war two. He might still be the best fighter pilot Norway has ever had, Berg went beyond the regulations and added Norwegian national markings on his wings and rudder. This consept was to celebrate the relationship betwen Norway and Britain in a decorative and functional product.