Sparebanken Vest

Packaging design

Agency: Miksmaster
Design: Geir Solem lysbakken & Frode Slotnes

Good Design Award – The Chicago Athenaeum 2008


Traditional base with a simplified solution

Sparebanken Vest (OSE: SVEG) is the third largest savings bank in Norway, and the country’s second oldest bank. Its predecessor, Bergens Sparebank, was established in 1823. The main offices lie in Bergen, though the bank has branches throughout Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane and Rogaland.

The Challenge was to make new bankcards that set the bank in a position as a traditional quality bank that also had a modern fokus looking forward in new directions. A bank should be always searching for new areas and solutions reflecting their costumers. The lighthouse had the traditional qualities as a symbol but we wanted to see how simplified the design could be. This to make a traditional theme a modern «touch».

The solution was a horizontal consept which makes us possible to use many other symbols that reflects the west-coast of Norway such as oil industry, wind power and ship traffic. But the main focus was the lighthouse. Making a traditional theme look simplified makes the bank combining history with new clients. Traditional theme becomes timeless.