Oslo Universitetssykehus

Brand Identity

Agency: Miksmaster
Geir Solem Lysbakken, Karl Solberg
& Line Helle Viken


Merging the University-Hospitals in Oslo

The main challenge was to design a overarching visual identity for Oslo University Hospital after the amalgamation of University Hospitals: Rikshospitalet, Ullevål and Aker. This made Olso University Hospital the largest hospital in Norway by total 20 000 workers. The Identity should create a overall expression which gather the hospitals three levels: land feature, region feature and local hospital.

The solution of the logo and the symbol that has a ring and a cross. The blue ring representa a link to Helse Sør-Øst (Health South-East). A simple symbol was needed for easy understanding and information. The ring also stands for protection, amalgamation and O for Oslo. The cross is a international well known for its category. The warm grey/gold is to give a impression of care and people and the contrast in blue which is for service, technology and seriousness. The design is made bold to function well in all formats with its clear message and function.